Ten years ago at the Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute, two young culinary students had an idea to form a blog. They wanted to demonstrate what they were learning and were passionate about - Culinary Arts. Their blog grew quickly to involve  half a dozen other students who all had varying interests in the hospitality industry, both front and back of house.

The blog was eventually discontinued due to other professional obligations, however there was always a will to resume use of the blog's name under other professional ventures. After months of active planning and years of waiting for the right time, that will has come to fruition. Thus presenting you with BAJAN EPICURES, serving Bajan Pride in Every Bite through Private Chef Services!

Meet The Chef

From his beginning in Professional Kitchens at the young age of 14 via an internship, Tobenna Wells quickly fell in love with the hospitality industry. This experience cemented his ideals of becoming a chef professionally.

For over a decade, Tobenna has completely immersed himself in all aspects of food service and hospitality through attendance and certification at two Culinary Colleges and an internship at the Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida. Along with work experience in over 10 food-service establishments ranging from fast food takeout to classic grill and bars, and from casual fine dining to more sophisticated french fine dining.

With all of this experience under his belt he has embarked on this long awaited leg of his culinary journey.


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